Takaful Insurance Case Study

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1.1 : INTRODUCTION. This study is about direct marketing that used by Takaful Insurance. Takaful is a co-operative system of reimbursement in case of loss, paid to people and companies concerned about hazards, compensated out of a fund to which they agree to donate small regular contributions managed on behalf by a Takaful Operator. Direct marketing is a form of marketing that attempts to send messages directly to consumers, without the use of intervening media. The main principles of direct marketing is that at least part of your communication with your customers is a direct - to named customers. Direct marketing differs from regular advertising because it does not put the message in the medium of a third party such as billboards or radio…show more content…
question 9. Based on the pie chart, 18 respondents agree that door to door method are more successful direct marketing of Takaful Insurance. While 9 respondents agree that telemarketing more successful than door to door and catalog. Another respondents choose catolog are more successful for Takaful Insurance. question 10. Based on the pie chart, respondents said that direct marketing that used by Takaful insurance are so annoying which is 12 respondents. Direct marketing that used by Takaful Insurance too pushy customers and disturbing personal time customers are same which is 8 respondent for those. Only 2 respondents said that direct marketing are interesting. question 11. Based on the pie chart, more respendents think that direct marketing is so annoying and another respondent think that direct marketing is too pushy customers to buy they insurance or other products. question 12. Based on the column, results for the answer are same for both which is 15 respondent answer four and 15 respondent answer…show more content…
Direct marketing of Takaful Insurance plays a broader role, which is to build long-term relationships with customers. Direct marketing that used by Takaful Insurance is like sent a catalog, an advertising in the newspaper and call customer directly. For example, Takaful Insurance sent a catalog or flyers to the customers about the benefit of insurance. Besides that, Takaful will call the customer to introduce about insurance to the customers. So that the customer will remain with them and become a loyalty customer. Direct marketing is very important and very useful to facilitate customers to communicate directly with the dealer or an insurance agent. but direct marketing today is less well-received because customers prefer to use interactive marketing compared to direct marketing. this is because a lot of direct marketing disrupt customers' personal time. for example calling an insurance agent at the time the call is not appropriate eg when customers are enjoying dinner with the family. Direct marketing is also very to force customers to buy their insurance. This will make customers feel uncomfortable because they are forced. 7.1 : CONCLUSION AND

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