Stakeholders Of Oxfam And ASDA

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This article will be about stakeholders, who the stakeholders of Oxfam and ASDA. Also how they influence the purpose of these two contrasting businesses. Stakeholder: Anyone who holds interest in the business or organisation, this could be either internal or external stakeholders. Internal are the people within the business who are interested, for example managers and shareholders. External stakeholders are people outside the business who are interested, for example customers or shareholders in the case of a plc/ltd. Customers: The customers are the people who buy the product/service, therefore they would be interested to know about the business itself and other things, such as if they are environmentally friendly (fair trade) etc. The…show more content…
They will reach the government and talk about the issue an employer may have for example, if the national minimum wage has been increased they employer association will reach the government and talk about how this will affect these businesses and their profit margins may decrease. They are external stakeholders. Local and national communities: The community is interested in a business because the employees there are local people and the things a business may do might affect the national communities and environments. For example, the business could have late night deliveries coming to them that could be very noisy and may disturb the local community, their waste and pollution may affect the national community. They are external stakeholders. Local and national governments: These would be interested because the economy might go into recession and they want to know how the business will deal with it. Also the business is providing jobs for people and if they close down in the case of a recession there would be a lot of pressure on the local and national governments and the level of unemployment may rise. So they are and external…show more content…
They are the people representing the charity to people, their service to people is important. For example, if they want more people to buy from them they need to make more people aware of; what them buying could do and how it could help people. Employees have a big influence on Oxfam as they are the ones putting most effort in if they don’t bother Oxfam will not make any money therefore won’t be able to cover their costs and if they don’t make money they won’t be able to give to children and their reputation may go down, the more money they give the more people will become aware of them and the more people will start buying from

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