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Symbols are a universal language, and a huge part of our lives. Once we are exposed to them we process them on a subconscious level and our actions are guided by them without us having to think about it. We automatically recognize stop signs (even when the word “stop” does not appear) and know which button turns on the TV because of the common symbols used to represent them. But the power of symbols goes far beyond their day to day to use. Symbols have been used as a medium for non-verbal communication over the course of human history. J.C. Coopers, in An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols, defines the use of symbols as, “an instrument of knowledge and the most ancient and fundamental method of expression, one which reveals aspects…show more content…
Originally referred to as a Gammadion, Hakenkreuz or a Flyfot, the Swastika derives its name from the Sanskrit word “svastika”, meaning good fortune or well-being. The symbol, Swastika, is in the form of an equilateral hooked cross. It is a polyvalent symbol as it has more than one meaning. However, it has had a long history of symbolizing auspiciousness (i.e. good fortune or well-being) a defining feature of some of the oldest religions in the world originating in India (Jainism and Hinduism) and Asia (Buddhism), broadly, where the tenets of these include harmlessness and renunciation (Jainism), non-violence (Buddhism), and good-deeds and self-less acts (Hinduism). Throughout these 3000 years, the Swastika had been used in forms of worship, having it been imprinted on many temples and spiritual buildings. It was “adopted into the West as an architectural motif, on advertising and product design.” It had been used in the U.S. promoting products such as Coca Cola, food packaging and many more…show more content…
It is such an evil symbol that our mind and consciousness no matter what context visualizes each and every horrendous acts that were committed by Hitler and the Nazis. The information, images and ideas about the Swastika that are presented in the media, will always have a negative influence on our view because we know that the Swastika is a symbol of evil. The fact that people in the Ukraine are using it to represent freedom and are trying to bring back the symbol, does and will not make it a positive symbol. It only took 9 years for the Swastika to turn from a positive meaningful religious symbol of good fortune to the being transformed and representing a most horrific period in the 20th century. After Hitler stole the Swastika, it will and always will be known as a symbol of evil, no matter how people try to bring it back and how the media will portray

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