Baysil's Dissection-Personal Narrative

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The Dissection My cat, Liam, catches the most disgusting things. He catches bunnies, birds, chipmunks, mice, and things like that. Dead rodents appear around our yard. We pick them up with a snow shovel and throw them in the trash can. He sniffs around the previous location of the creature, and then he sulks away, looking disappointed. One day after school, a group of neighborhood kids (one of which was only four) and I were playing soccer in a side yard. My brother and sister, Anya and Stephen, were playing, too. It was girls versus boys, and we were losing. It’s hard to play soccer with a four year old. I was a goalie, and Liam the Cat was on the soccer field. He had some dead thing in his mouth. I ignored it, for I was accustomed to his ways. Seven year old Baysil was by me, waiting for something to…show more content…
It looked like molasses gum, if such a thing existed. The stomach was the size of two marbles. That chipmunk must have had a good meal before its death. Baysil picked the carcass up with the stick, and the intestines were hanging out of the body. It was revolting. Baysil began walking around, watching what used to be a chipmunk. It was now a pile of organs. It looked like the chipmunk was inside out. I was about to throw up. I ran home, trying not to puke. As I closed the garage door, Mom saw my face and asked me if I was okay. I told her I was fine, Liam just caught something foul. She rolled her eyes and she went to put away the dishes. I put myself together, and I went back outside. Anya had the stick now, and the chipmunk now laid on the driveway. She was poking at it. I walked back into the garage, and grabbed the kickball and used it to shoot hoops, hoping to get the image out of my head. I saw Dad walking out of the woods coming home from work. He had his grey backpack slung over his shoulder. As he walked up the driveway, he said hi to Anya and me. “Dad, Liam got a chipmunk!” Anya exclaimed. “Look at its

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