Superglue Lab Report

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EQUIPTMENT. ¬-Superglue -Cotton -Metal dish INTRODUCTON. There’s no question that the superglue gets really hot when mixed with cotton wool. A high surface area makes the glue harden rapidly, that releases energy (heat).When doing the experiment the reaction cause the cotton to smoke after approximately 2.5 minutes, once the smoke gets hot enough the cotton catches fire. Vapour begins to come off the cotton wool as the material gets warmer it begins to sizzle. Sometimes spontaneously combusts and flames up and burn for a long time. The fumes are very toxic and are dangerous. Sometimes the cotton may not always make flames and will just smoke, this means that there is not enough superglue applied. The cotton will need a certain amount of superglue for a little amount of cotton. INVESTIGATIVE QUESTION. What will happen if I apply superglue to cotton wool? HYPOTHESIS. If I apply superglue to cotton wool it will set on fire and/or smoke. VARIABLES. Independent- Superglue. Dependant- Cotton. Control- Amount of each substance. METHOD. • Place cotton wool onto a safe, non-flammable surface. • Wear safety equipment as this experiment is dangerous • Apply superglue onto cotton wool. • Observe. • If necessary add more superglue. • Observe again. •…show more content…
The experiment shows us the way the two substances have a chemical reaction towards one another. If the substances come into contact, a chemical reaction will take place. If we place the super glue onto the cotton wool the chemicals in the superglue will react to the cotton wool and cause the cotton wool to smoke and/or set on fire. I think that this experiment is good because it shows us how the two substances that are mixed together can cause a chemical reaction. The reaction will generate heat, sometimes enough to start a small fire. There is no question that the superglue gets really hot when mixed with the

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