Super 8 By Steven Spielberg: Film Analysis

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A good movie can be a numerous of things, such as excitement, boring, or captivating that makes the viewer want to continue more into the plot. The film Super 8 (2011) is a film that displays acceptance widely, growing up, and secrets therefore captivating on the question what will happen next? This film is produced by Steven Spielberg and written and directed by JJ Abrams that portrays the year 1979 in a small Ohio town of Lillian. At the start of the film there has just been an accident at the steel mill. The life taken this horrific day was Joe Lamb’s mother (Caitriona Balte). With the blame of this incident towards Louis Dainard (Ron Eldard), from Jack Lamb (Kyle Chandler), tension in the town is high. This is what sets the emotions high between children and their parents when Joe’s friend Charles decides to make a movie and have the…show more content…
This acceptance of the past starts Joe Lamb on an unforgettable yet courageous journey to find himself in the midst of problems facing his town, the passing of his mother as well as his father who is never around nor understanding. With watching it a second time, anyone would pick up more key points than the first. The director used critical thinking while tying the film together with different meaningful incidents in the film. Displaying themes of everyday usage is key to the plot and reveling the resolution of the film that carries out acceptance, growing up and secrets. Throughout the film, acceptance is a widely emphasized theme. Without this, the viewer would be questioning the movies purpose. Starting with the utter most vigorous quote Joe Lamb says to the extraterrestrial alien creature is “ Bad things happen, but you can still live… you can still live”

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