Dark Triad Research Paper

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Do Dark Triad Scores Change When Gender-Role Attributions Are Changed? A relatively new model within personality theory delves into the dark side of humanity with the dark triad. The dark triad is a constellation of personality traits. According to Paulhus & Williams (2002), there are three types of bad characters in this world and they encompass the dark triad of personality. These three interpersonally aversive traits are narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism. The combination of these three traits illuminate the most negative aspects of human nature.. Narcissism is comprised of grandiosity and a need for admiration as well as a sense of entitlement and self-admiration (Jonason, Slomski, & Partyka, 2012). Psychopathy is defined as a constellation of antisocial behaviors and emotions like a lack of empathy, aggression, and criminality (Jonason et al., 2012). The last of the triad is Machiavellianism, which is characterized by manipulation of others, cynicism, and opportunism (Jonason et…show more content…
Despite the fact that power and control (which are central aspects of hegemonic masculinity) may benefit men in the short-term, hegemonic masculinity has significant costs, to men, to women, to children, and to society. Hegemonic masculinity is a social construct that can be changed. The dark triad is no different. Society creates a gold standard of achieving hegemonic masculinity through dark triad personality traits in order to find success financially, socially, and romantically. It appears that there is a relationship between the dark triad and hegemonic masculinity as they both represent social constructs determined by societal norms. Just as hegemonic masculinity promotes the subordination of women, the dark triad enforces the dominance through behaving in typically negative

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