Venus And Adonis Comparative Essay

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The first painting presented in the presentation was titled Venus and Adonis. It was created by Peter Paul Rubens in 1614. The second painting in the presentation was titled Awakening of Adonis. This painting was created by John William Waterhouse in 1899-1900. Both paintings were beautifully crafted, having many colors and vibrancy. Bright colors were used to depict the characters present, but the background in both paintings is dark and gloomy. Although taking place in different parts of the myth, the two paintings show great care to details that align with the details mentioned in the myth. In Venus and Adonis, the artist put Venus’s swans in the painting. This shows Rubens care to detail with the myth because Venus’s swans were depicted…show more content…
Both paintings also used oil on either canvas or panel as the medium. Also, Cupid or Eros is pictured in both of the paintings. He was placed on the right side of the painting by Adonis’s feet in Awakening of Adonis, and holding on to Adonis’s leg in Venus and Adonis. The paintings are similar in the feelings that they portray. Venus and Adonis gives off a desperate feeling just as Awakening of Adonis, but both no doubt give off a feeling of intense love. The way Venus’s face shows worry in Venus and Adonis, shows just how much she truly cares for the mortal man. Venus’s sadden look as she bends over Adonis in Awakening of Adonis, again shows her love for Adonis. Overall the two paintings are similar in how much care the artists gave to creating scenes right out of the…show more content…
Venus and Adonis, the first painting, portrays the part of the myth where Venus is begging Adonis not to go hunting animals he that cannot handle. The second painting, Awakening of Adonis, depicts the part of the myth where Adonis has died and Venus is hovering over him turning his blood into wind flowers. Rubens’s painting was painted in the seventeenth century and used the Baroque style. This painting also came to be known as using the style of Rubenism, which is seen by the plumpness of Venus. Meanwhile, Waterhouse’s painting was created in the nineteenth to twentieth century, and used the style of romanticism. The paintings also differ in the way Venus is portrayed. In Venus and Adonis, Venus has blonde, almost yellow looking hair, while in the other painting it looks more red or brunette. While the two paintings do show similar feelings they are slightly different. Rubens’s painting gives off desperation but also confidence from Adonis, and Waterhouse’s painting gives off sadness and deep sorrow. The feeling of confidence can be seen by the smile on Adonis’s face when Venus is looking at him in a pleading manner. Sorrow can be seen in Awakening of Adonis by Venus’s sadden look as she looks upon Adonis, and the almost dejected look Cupid is showing in the

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