Summary: Post-Traumatic Stress Among Veterans

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Post-Traumatic Stress among Veterans Veterans are people who have had long service and experience in a given field or occupation. Majority of the war veterans have had a direct exposure to activities of war, death and armed combats. They are often referred to as veterans because of the selfless sacrifices that they make on behalf of defending the needs and interest of their fellow citizens. Military veterans usually receive special treatment from their countries and fellow citizens because of the enormous sacrifices they make during wars. Numerous countries offer to support their veterans and to honor them while others may choose to ignore them. War veterans often suffer various illnesses that are directly related to their obligation to the…show more content…
These traumatic events include: natural disasters, fatal accidents, sexual assault, terrorist incidents, warfare, imminent death and even serious injury. An individual suffers from the post-traumatic stress disorder when symptoms such are disturbing and recurring flashbacks are experienced for an extended period after the happening of the traumatizing event (Zohar, Joseph, and Leah 121). Most veterans who fought deadly wars suffer the illness of post-traumatic stress disorder. Due to heavy killings, war veterans often experience trauma in their life, and if the survivor does not receive counseling, such traumas may develop and grow into post-traumatic stress disorder. Persons who suffer post-traumatic stress disorder often relive the experience through nightmares as well as difficulty with sleep (Teten, Andra L., et al 408). In addition, they experience flashbacks and these occurrences can be severe and drastically affect an individual to the extent that they can impair their daily lives. Veterans experience a considerable discomfort and psychological trauma as a result of exposure to torture, disaster, criminal assault, and exposure to atrocities and other extraordinary events (Widome, Rachel, et al. 387). Studies reveal that due to the nature of their duties, veterans are vulnerable to develop post-traumatic stress…show more content…
The depression and anxiety experienced by these people are so much that an individual's ability to lead a normal life is affected. The usual symptoms that indicate that a person is suffering from the post-traumatic stress disorder are becoming upset as they engage in activities that remind them of the traumatic events (Angkaw and Abigail 1045). In addition, avoidance of people or places that serves to remind of the trauma or feeling numb. Veterans who suffer post-traumatic stress disorder get irritated easily and startle in case of flashbacks that remind them of the life-threatening events. People who experience post-traumatic stress disorder are distinguishable by apparent psychological and biological changes and symptoms. Research indicates that individuals and veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder are likely to experience other additional disorders. These disorders include the mental and physical health problems, substance abuse, loss of memory and cognition as well as depression (Widome, Rachel, et al. 389). The disorder is believed to affects a person’s ability and capability to perform their social and family responsibilities thus causing marital problems, difficulties in parenting and subsequently leading to rejection and divorce. The disorder is also associated with inability to deliver and concentrate at the place of work thus causing

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