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Pleasantville INTRO/SUMMARY: Welcome to Pleasantville; a place where fire fighters only exist to save cats from trees; a place where it never rains and is a beautiful day every day; a place where the high school basketball team wins every single game; and a place where true love means holding hands. Would you live here in this “perfect” society? Pleasantville is about two teenage siblings, David and Jennifer from the 1990’s who are sucked into a 1950’s black and white sitcom called Pleasantville. The people of Pleasantville are found to be innocent, conserved, had strong moral values, and simply pleasant. The two teenagers start to have an influence on the town, and unspoken issues are raised such as sex, freedoms, rights, literature, and art. As the two siblings expose the people of Pleasantville to several unexplored issues, colour is added to the black and white town. However, this begins to take a toll against the town as coloured books are burned, coloured people are excluded, and soon racism is brought into the town. Seeing Pleasantville change rapidly, the two teenagers must find a way to return home and fix their mistakes. Pleasantville goes on to show that there can be many positives and negatives between the traditional world and the modern world, and qualifies as…show more content…
The movie shows how that the “perfect” life isn’t always the best life. • Pleasantville shows audiences how an ideal society can change once it’s exposed to the good and bad of modern society. • Books are being read, woman are becoming independent, and art is seen everywhere shows the positive side of modern society, while children and teenagers being rebellious, shows the negative side of modern

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