Informative Speech On Texting And Driving

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General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform the audience of the dangers caused by cellphones that distract us while driving. INTRODUCTION I. How many of you are guilty of using your cellphone for whatever reason while being behind the wheel of a moving vehicle? II. I believe people should not put their own life or anyone else’s in danger. III. Texting, using apps, or even searching the internet while handling a motor vehicle has caused many accidents and even deaths. IV. I have been guilty plenty of times using my cellphone while driving. That does not make it right though because one does not truly realize to stop something until it is too late and a tragedy has already occurred. BODY I. The main usage for cellphones while driving is the need for…show more content…
90% of a person’s attention while texting is appointed to the cellphone and the driver isn’t fully aware of his or her surroundings a. One is still distracted even when the vehicle is not in motion (For example, when waiting at a red light we often honk at the person in front of us, odds are they are on their phone) i. Most of us think it is enough time to reply to the text but it really isn’t b. Even after the device is put down the individual is still not fully aware on the road i. One being that person can be distracted over the message they received that may have caused them to be upset 2. Another interesting fact is that texting is actually more dangerous than being drunk while driving. B. Talking 1. It is just as much distracting because you only have one hand on the wheel which doesn’t give you full control like turn in time if someone brakes

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