Summary Of The Worst Years Of Our Lives By Barbara Ehrenreich

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“Why do we keep on watching?”— What appears to be such a simple question is simultaneously an interrogative idea that borders on the mind numbingly thought provoking; a question that could define a generation by revealing the pressing answer as to why it is that a society can simply lounge in front of a glorified box for hours on end listening to inane babble and watching flashing pictures present multitudinous inaccuracies of everyday life. In her passage from The Worst Years of Our Lives, Barbara Ehrenreich expresses her utter distaste for such a practice, spewing her resolute bitterness toward “the force that has transformed the American people into root vegetables”, issuing claims that rightfully expose the various evils of what has been scornfully called “the idiot box”.…show more content…
What do you see instead? People changing to HBO and watching one of the countless movies that are essentially two and a half hours of men being blown to pieces, chased through the streets of New York, using spider webs to leap from skyscraper to skyscraper… the list is endless. If you’re tired of watching the thrillingly morbid dramas of the Home Box Office, you can always try TBS, where hours of laughter await you- a channel where everyone’s life is composed of hilarious happenstances and coincidental circumstance, a world of mindless frivolity. Needless to say, television basically shows us what’s furthest from the truth, by turning our heads away from authenticity and toward a purely fictitious world we can only wish to

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