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The Attica Correctional Facility is a super max prison in New York that was built in the 1930's and housed some of the most violent and dangerous criminals of their respectful time periods with a huge landmark event being the prison riot of 1971 which caused the death of many inmates and correctional officers alike. At the end of the riot many were left in sorrow from all of the causalities that occurred, manly because of the way the whole invasion of the prison was arranged to take place which resulted in the deaths of Inmates and Correctional Officers alike because of the inhumane way of shooting anything in sight by the troopers that invaded the prsion.It was considered one of the worst prison riots in United…show more content…
It housed inmates such as Colin Ferguson, a crazy inmate that had killed 6 people and injured 19 more by pulling out his gun and firing at random people in the infamous Long Island railroad massacre. He also decided to represent himself in court and question his own witnesses in the trail, Which gives a clear you a clear understanding of the type of inmates sent to Attica Prison. Another notorious prisoner was Edward “Eddie the Butcher” Cummiskey who was in the New York mob who served as a mentor to Jimmy Coonan who was the leader of the “ Westies” which was an Irish American Gang operating from Hell's Kitchen on Manhattans West side. He was believed to be the one who showed Jimmy Coonan how to dismember and hide a body properly. Cummiskey was later released then killed by a hit man at a bar. One final prisoner was Samuel Joseph Melville, who was in Attica for bombing countless buildings. Once in Attica, he began an underground publication called the “Iced Pig” and used it to organize the prison population to fight for better conditions in the prison. He was also predicted to be one of the organizers of the prison riot and was one of the inmates that got shot and killed during the invasion of the prison by the New York Police. The quality of these inmates giving a good example of how dangerous the riot was and although it was somewhat understandable that the police were probably worried entering a prison of this magnitude they still could have handled the situation

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