A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Traverse Adverts

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"Necessity is the mother of invention" a very famous and commonly used proverb. However, now-a-days the reverse of it is truer; "invention" is the mother of necessity. In this age, where new goods are produced everyday, market is created for these things through advertisements. Advertisers use many different techniques to manipulate the audience and wheel in the customers into buying a product .It is through advertisement that people begin to feel a need for even those goods of which they had never heard before. These advertisements target a person's emotions (pathos), sense of judgment (logos) and trust (ethos). A recent Chevrolet traverse advertisement in the Friday magazine uses all three appeals as well as other effective techniques to develop a very persuasive advertisement. An…show more content…
Thus, features like "seating for up to eight" and "best in class cargo space" are specifically advertised by traverse. These characteristics will be immediately appealing for families with children as the car is spacious and can accommodate many people. Safety is the first priority for many people when buying a car. The advertisement of the traverse, therefore mentions that it has "three rows of airbags" and "five star safety ratings". Both these statements have a very positive impact on the reader's mind; it makes them "happy" that the advertisers are concerned about the safety of their customers and have considered it closely while designing the car. In addition, traverse also promises to make our journey entertaining and peaceful at the same time with its "rear-seat DVD player" and "unbeatable noise cancellation". By use of logos the advertiser is clearly stated that there is no reason why anyone should consider buying any other vehicle after they have seen the features of the Chevrolet

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