Summary Of The Most Dangerous Game Epilogue Essay

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Epilogue Rainsford woke up the next morning in the best bed he had ever slept in and had an excellent night sleep. After getting up Rainsford was deciding what he was going to do for the day since he had the whole house to himself and then he remember something General Zaroff said before they went hunting and he had said, “We’ll visit my training school. It’s in the cellar. I have about a dozen pupils down there now.” Rainsford then decided he would go down to the cellar and let all the people out, and he was going to search the house. So after deciding what he is going to do for the day he heads downstairs to find the kitchen so he could have breakfast. After he ate breakfast he walked into the living room, and as expected nobody was in there…show more content…
“Do you want to come with me, Egor to go check out the rest of the house,” questioned Rainsford. “Oh my, yes I would love to because I haven’t been let out of this room for 4 years!” rejoiced Egor. Then after Egor agreeing to go with Rainsford, they went farther down the hall to see what else was being hidden behind all the other mysterious doors. Once at the next door Egor opened it and behind it was an enormous room filled with the shells that General Zaroff had used to shoot his prey with and in the room was over a billion knifes like the one General Zaroff had given to Rainsford before he had went to go hunting. The walls that goes beyond the shelves were as black as the night that Rainsford had fallen off of his yacht. After walking out of the room full of shells and knifes, they walked down the hall a little farther till they got to the next door which to Rainsford was very familiar because it was the room that he was placed in the night he had came to this palatial chateau. Rainsford told Egor, “Let's not check in that room, Egor.” “Why not,” asked Egor. “We are not checking that room because that is the room Zaroff put me in the night I got stuck on this island,” explained

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