Summary Of The Matrix Under Marxist Theory And Imperialism

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The Analysis of The Matrix Under Marxist Theory and Imperialism by Niyazi Yurttaş The Matrix is the story of a man who discovers that the humanity is ruled by the machines and used as a source of power. Matrix is the simulated reality that keeps humans' minds under control. The ones, who are in control are the machines with artificial intelligence, that have been created by the humans early in the 21st century and rebelled against humanity. At one point, humans attempted to cut the power of the machines by blocking out the sun, by covering the sky with smokes, chemicals and storm clouds. After that the war began between the mankind and the machines. Having no definite source of…show more content…
It is showed as a Westernised world. The Sentinels are the ruling class capitalists, who created the Matrix for keeping the humanity under control. Machines have realised, once their power source came to an end and the humans ended the class war, they can achieve much more from indoctrinating and exploiting them. Portrayed as machines due to the hard-hearted, brutal nature of our rulers. Neo is a man who is born into the Matrix and discovers something is wrong with the system he lives in. Trinity and Morpheus confirm Neo's beliefs and allows him to free his mind from the Matrix to the real world and become a front for communism. When he sets his mind free he breaks the boundaries of the system and works around it so he becomes more powerful than his rulers. Agents are some kind of antiviruses to the Matrix used to enforce the ideology of the machines, they have the power to use against the citizens of the Matrix who opposes it. Zion is the last castle of communism for them who defends their ideas with their lives. Entering the Matrix is done by a jack that goes into your brain and leaving the Matrix is done by a phone line. If you jack someone out of the Matrix, they die. You need to allow them to see the light instead of forcing the ideals of communism onto

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