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ABSTRACT: From the early ages selfishness has always been around although similar to how it grows with age, throughout the years the state of humanities selfishness has grown. We went from being comfortable with the natural land to needing the perfect temperature at all times. Within a comedic act of Louis CK named “Selfishness” he speaks of the different types of selfishness he has encountered and how it is ultimately terrible for the world as a whole. As a person who has lived in two different countries, both in larger cities he shares his personal encounters with selfishness and how he sees it throughout time. He as well describes how it may affect how authority may view the world as a humanity of selfish people. As time moves forward selfishness grows with age and does not seem to fade in any aspects of living. With laughter and jokes he casually conveys they need and difficulty of changing ones selfish ways. Many people may say the world itself is selfish. The world is filled with people roaming around, in their own mindset and own priorities set for themselves. Survival is what makes us selfish. If you remove infrastructure and…show more content…
Rather than accept their mistake in that they were not in India they instead continued to call natives Indians for hundreds of years after landing here. Rather than living as the natives would, explorers are the ones who essentially brought much change to the Americas, stripping it of its natural potential and turning it into an area where we drive most of our oil from, which is not what god would have particularly wanted for earth and his vision for America. As he describes the behavior of the natives he refers to Americans as aliens due to the way they came to America and completely inverted these behaviors. Americans essentially ruined the land it was “coast to coast green and beautiful” , Louis

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