Summary Of Cyber Bullying Is Worse Than Physical Bullying By Scott Meech

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In Scott Meech’s article “Cyber bullying Is worse than Physical Bullying,” he argues that cyber bullying is worse than physical bullying because victims get humiliate in front of a large audience. Meech was a computer and technology teacher at the Plano Middle school in lllinois. He was expert in technology so he knows how technology is a part of children’s life now. He teaches in middle school and he sees students on the phone all the times, he knows the amount of time students spend on their electronic device at home and school. He knows that technology is increasing and changing for both good and bad, and this drives him to write about this topic. He is experienced in this subject and he knows a lot about it. Meech argues in his article that students do not feel safe in their home because they carried cyber bullying with them everywhere they go. Meech states his position in the article that educators need to understand how powerful and dangerous this new type of bullying has affected the classroom.…show more content…
At home, children may have a conversation with their friends online about their teachers or friends. Those conversations are private and no one gets to see it expect them. That is the reason why when everything else in the world is going terribly, home is the best place you would want to go because it is a safe place, and a great atmosphere to be in. He has a great passion about computer and technology, he does it for a living, and that is what motivated him to write this article. The increase of technology had shift from physical bullying to

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