Summary Of Brutus Caesar Act 1

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Act I. This act starts with two tribunes entering the streets. They witness many people in the streets and when they ask why the people are not working the people tell them that they are celebrating caesars victory. The tribunes become outraged because it is over a fellow roman commander, not a foreign foe. Caesar is in a public square with many people, when the soothsayer warns caesar the beware of the Ides of March. The people ask to crown caesar king, but he refuses 3 times. While the crowd was cheering for him, he had a seizure. Casca reports to cassius the next night saying that the senators are going to crown caesar the next morning. Cassius, hearing this, talks to other conspirators and plan to convert brutus against caesar. Flavius is a tribune that condemns the crowd…show more content…
Brutus knows that caesar will be crowned king. but he doesn’t want him to be. He then receives a letter saying that he is sleeping while Rome is threatened. Brutus is then visited by the conspirators. They decide to kill Caesar. Caesar’s wife had a nightmare that she believed ment Caesar will be killed. She begs him not to go to the capital today. He agrees until a visit from Decius that quickly changed his mind. Artemidorus a supporter of Caesar, writes him a letter warning him about the conspirators. He then waits on Caesar’s way to the capital. Brutus is conflicted at the beginning of the act. He knows that caesar can’t be crowned but he is a friend of caesar. The turning point of Brutus is when he receives the letter. Caesar is scared of going to the capital. He cannot show it because he feels like it will take out of his pride. Calpurnia is more scared than caesar is. Artemidorus is hoping to save his beloved Caesar. I think that Brutus was corrupted into turning against caesar. The conspirators twisted his mind into really making him want to kill caesar. I feel like Caesar had enough warnings to not go to the capital that he could have stopped it. He is too prideful to not

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