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Suleiman the Magnificent Suleiman I was born on the 6th of November 1494 in Trabzon. He was the tenth and longest ruling Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, from 1520 to 1566. Suleiman was known as “the Magnificent” in the West and “Kanuni”, the lawgiver in his homeland. (Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent) When he was seven years old, he was sent to study history, science, literature, theology and military tactics in the schools of the Topkapı Palace in Constantinople. At the age of 26 and upon the death of his father Selim I, Suleiman entered Constantinople and became the tenth sultan of the empire. He became a significant leader in the 16 century Europe and ruled over the top of the Ottoman Empire's military, political and economic power. Suleiman…show more content…
He captured much of the Middle East in his conflict with the Safavids and large areas of North Africa. Suleiman instituted major legislative changes related to education, society, taxation and criminal law. In addition, he became a great supporter of culture and managed the golden age of the Ottoman Empire in its artistic, literary and architectural development. Suleiman was regarded as the most significant ruler by both Muslims and Europeans in his ruling time. (Suleiman the Magnificent) Suleiman’s family played an important role in the Ottoman Empire. The sultan’s wife, Hürrem Sultan “Roxelana” was one of the most significant and influential women in the Ottoman history and she was known as the Sultanate of Women. She achieved power and influenced the Ottoman Empire’s politics through her husband and played an active role in the Empire’s state affairs. (Roxelana) Moreover, Suleiman’s mother, Ayşe Hafsa Sultan was one of the most powerful women in the Empire. She was responsible for the building of mosques, schools, colleges, and hospitals in Manisa. Ayşe Hafsa Sultan was the first woman who was honored with the title Valide Sultan which is a title that is given to the mother of the Sultan. (Ozmore, 2013) Suleiman's rule started in

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