Suicide Definition Essay

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The true definition of determination is challenging an idea that you know in your heart cannot be altered. Nearly three years ago, I challenged a belief that I strongly disagreed with and was determined to change. After the suicide of one the students in my high school, everyone went above and beyond in order to memorialize him and uphold his memory. T-shirts and bracelets were made, yearbook pages were printed, emblems for sports gear was ordered, posters were hung. Within days, suddenly everything disappeared. We were told by administration that there would be disciplinary action against us if we continued to memorialize our classmate. They destroyed everything we had made, and swept every trace of his existence under the rug. Quickly, everyone…show more content…
From then on, I refused to tolerate their unjust rules. I continuously paid visits to different administrators only to be told the same thing time and time again. “Well, you see, we don’t glamorize and celebrate suicide as you have”. The more they adamantly enforced their beliefs, the more I enforced mine as well. From day one, I knew in my heart that to honor his legacy I had to fight for what I believed in. I believed and still believe that ignoring the suicide of a student was extremely disrespectful and ordering him to be wiped away from our memory was disgraceful. I challenged these unreasonable beliefs from my freshman to senior year. I made my best effort to make a change, only to be shot down and denied repeatedly. Eventually, they came to their senses. And by that, I mean they realized I wasn’t going away and I wasn’t going to conform to their wrongful attitude on the matter. So they began to lie to me and tell me that they were going to make a change. I was promised an anti-suicide assembly in school, a moment of silence for our fallen classmate, and acknowledgement on World Suicide Prevention
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