Stress Woman Of The Week Patty Willey Analysis

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Tigress Woman of the Week: Patty Willey Patty Willey is a strong advocate for children, rape survivor and is in the middle of helping her child fight through drug addiction but through it all she keeps her sense of humor and positive outlook on life. Patty laid in a ravine outside of Price, Utah. The left side of her face is crushed in, her left eyeball dangling to the side and her back broken, yet, she felt no pain. She felt complete and utter peace as she laid there dying. She felt the presence of someone holding her hand whispering “you will be just fine”, “everything is going to be all right”, and “just keep breathing”. A man with silver hair and the bluest eyes knelt next to her, comforting her; a heavenly being sent to comfort her. She felt death so close that it seemed natural “like getting a drink when you are thirsty.” As EMS arrived the man was gone but she will never forget the angel who helped her that night when her friend fell asleep behind the wheel, crashing and propelling Patty through the windshield yards away and into a ravine. She was told that she would never be able to…show more content…
As an unwed mother, there was significant pressure to adopt her baby out. She had interviewed with an agency before he was born and told “you don’t love that baby if you don’t give it up” . She still felt unsure and confused about what to do. She met with her bishop, a close friend at church, to get some advice and what he told her changed her life forever. He said “I will support your decision 100%. No one has the authority to even make these [adoption related] statements to you.” It was shortly afterwards that she realized the courage inside her heart and determined to keep Jake as her own. Patty found the courage to be the advocate her child needed and the purpose for her life: love her children without reserve and forever. “I am so glad because I got to love my baby for years. He is my

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