Strawberry Dna Extraction Lab Report

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(Grade: / ) Extracting strawberry DNA By: Hunter Marshall and Jack Sloan Objective: The main objective is to extract and observe the DNA from the strawberry. Another objective is to gain knowledge of the process of DNA extraction as well the properties of DNA in mass quantities to help us understand what scientists will do in order to help cure patients. Also, to conduct the lab safely and efficiently achieving clear results. Another objective is to see how all the DNA varies between strawberries. The last objective was to not just look at the DNA with the naked eye, but see how it looks in the microscope. Principles: DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), exists in all living organisms. It has many parts but is a self-replicating…show more content…
This is like cotton because if from 100 feet away you are asked to see a single cotton ball it is almost impossible where if you were asked to see 10,000 cotton balls put together from 100 feet away it would be hard to miss. 4. In order to study our genes, scientists must first extract the DNA from human tissue. Would you expect the method of DNA extraction to be the same for Human DNA? Why or why not? Answer: The procedure used in this experiment would not carry over to the extraction of DNA from human tissue because in the strawberries you have plant cells of which you have to break cell walls, while in humans we have animal cells, which have phospholipid bilayers which do not need to be broken down to get DNA from. You need to use a hypotonic solution and soap to break down the nucleus and cell wall of the strawberries, while in human DNA, you just need to break the nucleus. 5. Would the DNA be the same in any cell in the human body? Answer: Since we were once one cell and grew to an organism by mitosis, all of the DNA in our cells is identical or very close. This means that unless you have something genetically wrong with you, all of your DNA should be close to the same within your body. (different DNA is coded for some parts of the

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