Steven Wise Animal Rights Analysis

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In Steven Wise article, it provides an overview issues over legal and social protections for animals. People are using animals for clothing, experiments, food and entertainment. In many ways, animals are similar to humans: animals feel pain, experience emotions, and they have ability to learn. So, if humans deserves rights, it is rational that animals also deserves right. Small children and mentally impaired people cannot understand rights, yet we do give them all the rights that all the other humans have. Therefore, animal’s deserves freedom as much as human does. Steven wise, who have written extensively well about animals rights, notes that “All nonhuman animals, on the other hand, are things with no rights. The law ignores them unless a person decides to do something to them, and…show more content…
“The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and allies state agencies report that hundreds of millions will be shot by hunters or exploited in redeos, circuses, and roadside zoos. And all of that is perfectly legal” (Wise 194). Pets are for love and friendship, not abuse. Animals can save your life if you are in danger. People try different disciplines to control their pets. For example, they might think that punishment is the best way to take control of their pets. Another example, they might forget to feed their pets or they don’t care enough to pay attention. We should keep children’s away from animals because children can hurt animals by throwing rock, balls, and kicking them. Children’s often do that when they are angry or they just want to have fun. They don’t understand the pain that the animal is going because it’s not happening to them. People think that it is easier to abuse animals because animals are helpless and they cannot vocalize their voice. Some people might abuse animal to show other person or to scare other person. We need to imagine ourselves as an animal getting abuse so we can understand the feeling, the pain that they are going

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