Staying Warm In A Tent Essay

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7 Must-Do Steps for Staying Warm in a Tent (# 7 will surprise you) A family on a camping trip Don’t wait to shiver on your sleep and read these 7 steps for staying warm in a tent before going (probably unprepared) on your weekend camping trip. An overnight camping trip is fun but it can turn sour if you are unequipped. The icy cold weather will definitely crawl on your skin, preventing you from catching that cherished sleep, making you try every position possible to keep warm, only to see the first ray of the sun peeping through the greyish clouds. Yes fellow campers, that’s my first overnight camping experience summarized into a sentence. After that first one, I am traumatized just by the mere thought of camping.…show more content…
Aside from assuring comfortability by providing a cushion for a feel-at-home night, it provides warmth through its insulating materials. They’re also very durable that my kids went crazy jumping in it. Who doesn’t want to sleep in a fluffy bed and wake up to the sound of nature, right? 5. Buy a catalytic heater (optional) The Coleman catalytic heater (Credits: HowtoWith GEO youtube channel) Still not warm enough after all the sleeping bags and pads? Perhaps a catalytic heater is the answer. Catalytic heaters are perfect for near-freezing temperatures. They’re very lightweight, weighing an average of 4 pounds and compact, measuring less than 10 inches long. You can carry it by hand or stuff it inside your pack. Catalytic heaters are designed to produce heat gradually through flameless reactions and radiate the heat into the surrounding area. A common power source for catalytic heaters used for camping is propane. With just a jar of propane, you’ll get constant heat source for up to 10-15 hours. It’s also pretty simple to use. Just follow these easy steps: 1. Take heater outside 2. Attach the jar of propane 3. Switch the heater on 4. Light the head of the heater with a match until you see a small flame

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