Similarities Between The Odyssey And Athena

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In this essay, Two cities will be compared together to find their similarities and differences. Beijing, China and the Ithaca, Greece of The Odyssey of Homer are similar in Religion but different in their economy. These similarities and inequalities will be proven by the quotes from different sources. Beijing, China and the Ithaca of The Odyssey of Homer are similar in religion. For example, from "Modern Nations of the World: China" Green says, "The rich body of Chinese mythology includes the story of Pan Gu, the first man"(green 25). This information shows that the majority of mythology in Beijing includes the story of Pan Gu. In addition, As exlaimed by Homer, "mean while the other Olympian gods were gathered together in the halls of Zeus"(The…show more content…
For example, from Green's perspective, "The economy, moving away from its communist roots, is undergoing a dizzying boom"(Green 8). Knowing about change, is important because Beijing changed from communist to more of a Free Enterprise. In addition, from The Odyssey, Homer says, "and day by day each of these people bring in the fatted goat that seems finest, and I myself keep watch on these pigs and guard them, and to choose with care the best of the pigs, and send it off to them"(The Odyssey XIV. 105-108). Beijing and Ithaca have a different economy because Ithaca is a monarchy. Furthermore, in his article "Business Traveller" Graham suggests that, "A new wave of up market restaurants and buzzing bars are out to prove there's more to the Chinese capital than peking duck"(graham 1). This information shows that the economy in Beijing will be increased with the increase of restaurants and bars. Also, From the view of Homer, "then Leokritos, son of Euenor, spoke forth against him: 'mentor,reckless in words, wild in your wits, what a thing you have said, urging to stop us. It would be difficult even with more than these to fight us over feasting. For ever if Odysseus of Ithaca himself were to come back"(The Odyssey II. 242- 246). Although Beijing has nice restaurants to increase its economy, Ithaca has its people to help increase its economy. In conclusion, Beijing has a more advanced

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