Snickers Experiment

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When I was in my early 30’s, I wanted to lose some weight and I wanted to lose it fast. I thought about the times when I was so desperate to lose weight, that I started trying all types of crazy diets. I noticed that I wasn’t able to maintain my weight by using the diets that I’d tried in the past. I had to admit that, in reality, I had successfully failed every diet that I’d ever tried. Since I only got temporary dieting results, in the past, I decided to make up my own diet. I always believed that I could create a diet that would work. I felt like this would be the perfect time to put my theory to the test. I began planning how I was going to conduct my diet experiment. My diet consisted of eating, but eating less as…show more content…
Whenever I’d get hungry at times, instead of eating a meal, I’d eat a fun size Snickers and drink plenty of water. The surprising thing was, it did cure my hunger for a while. When I first got the idea about the Snickers, my first thought was to eat Snickers miniatures because it was a way for me to eat less food. I chose the fun size Snickers instead, because it was bigger and I felt like it would suppress the hunger longer. I felt like this would be a way for me to stick to my goal of eating less. I was telling people that the Snickers commercial didn’t lie. I also shared with some people that I discovered a way where I could lose weight, and eat Snickers. I proudly continued the diet that I created. Seeing that I was able to lose weight from a diet that I created, had me feeling very motivated. I was constantly admiring my results. I was feeling so good about myself, that I increased my workouts. I knew that if I would continue eating this way, while increasing my workouts, that I could speed up my weight loss. Once I increased my workouts, I began to lose weight faster. It was just like I imagined. Not only did I like my results, but other people who noticed my results told me how much they like them as…show more content…
I started eating an extra fun size Snickers, once or twice a day, to satisfy the hunger. The times I was very hungry, I’d eat two Snickers and drink a diet soda. This worked good for about another month. I had to figure out what else could I do because I was beginning to get bored with eating Snickers. I decided that it was time for me to take a break from eating Snickers for a while. I wanted to still have a mini candy bar, for my snack, I just wasn’t sure of what type I wanted. I opted to figure out what type of candy bar to replace it with later. I’d stopped eating candy all together. I continued to eat my healthy meals, but I decided to start eating meals four days a week, since my body was requiring more food. This was working for me for about three weeks. I’d began to get bored with the diet because it felt like I was still missing something. I’d also started craving desserts again. I knew that I couldn’t afford to allow myself to get bored because that would result in me eventually ending the diet. Since it was time for me to make some changes in my diet, I figured that this would be the perfect time to pick out my new candy snack as

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