Spring Break-Personal Narrative

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Dear Diary, I just can’t hold it in anymore. I gotta tell someone that won’t breathe a word to anyone else. I would so die of embarrassment! I swear! My BFF isn’t even privileged with this secret and believe me, this one is a doozie! Diary you get all of my deepest, juiciest secrets anyway because I know you won’t tell a soul and you’ll keep them safe! You know my older step brother Brandon is coming home soon for spring break? His girlfriend, Carissa, just broke up with him after they were together for five years. That Bitch! I eavesdropped on his conversation to Mom on the phone the other night. I haven’t seen him since about a month ago. It was after he and the skanky bitch got together and mom sent him to live with his dad. Well are…show more content…
He put them up by my face and I sucked it clean as seductively as I could. “Oh god! Jessica! That’s so hot!” Brandon said his voice as deep as I have ever heard it before. His voice only turned me on even more. I felt him press his hard cock between my thighs into the pink folds that seemed ready to burst forth from the need to have him inside of me. His penetration was slow at first till he buried it all the way into my hot wet cunt. He filled me and stretched me from his thickness. “Ohh… Brandon!” I said as my breath caught in my throat. “Jessica, you’re so tight, Damn girl! You feel so good!” Brandon said as he thrust into me. I moaned as he thrust deep into me. I felt his balls slap against my pussy. The tickle of his pubic hair rubbing against the sensitive folds felt so sensual. He began licking and nipping at my earlobes and my neck. He had one hand on my ass cheek squeezing it as he squeezed my tit. The little nips turned into harder bites making me cry out in sheer bliss. “Oh, God!” I cried. “I’ll let you do whatever you want just fuck the hell out of me!” I said in quick breaths as I felt him begin to thrust harder and faster into me. “I love it rough!” I cried. “Where’s your vibe?” Brandon

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