Spooks Jason Taylor Character Analysis

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Choosing a Side The individuals a person hangs out with defines how that person wants to be seen. In Black Swan Green, Jason Taylor struggles to define who he wants to be. Specifically, in chapter six, “Spooks,” Jason is given the opportunity to become a member of a secret society known as the “Spooks.” At the end of the chapter, Jason faces an internal conundrum. He needs to decide whether to help his fallen companion, or abandon him and join in with his newfound acquaintances. As I was growing up, I needed to decide who I wanted to become friends with. The question was if I wanted to hang out with the popular kids, or stick around with the people I knew. Jason’s internal tussle of choosing his friends in “Spooks” correlates with the emotional struggle I faced as I contemplated the influences I wanted to be around.…show more content…
Needing to navigate through numerous yards without getting spotted, Jason ended up getting to the ending destination without a minute to spare. Jason gained the respect and approval of the Spooks from this successful mission, with Gilbert Swinyard proclaiming, “’You, my son…are one boney fider Spook!’” (Mitchell 139). The respect of the Spooks seemed to be something Jason was striving for, as he saw it as a springboard that would skyrocket his social status. Clearly, achieving popularity previously unseen mattered greatly to Jason, saying, “I felt happier than I could remember being. Ever” (Mitchell 139). Afterwards, the Spooks had a short, yet humorous celebration, until a thunderous crash changed the celebration into speculation. Dean Moran, who was also trying to become a spook to gain popularity, had fallen through a greenhouse

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