F & J Vs Aladdin Analysis

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F&J vs Aladdin The Fisherman and the Jinnee and Aladdin are similar in many ways, but also have their differences. Have you ever wished to have a genie that granted you 3 wishes? What if the jennie said you don’t get the three wishes? And that he’s picked it for you, which would be you get to choose your way of death. Because that’s what happens in the Fisherman and the Jinnee. He gets a scary looking jinnee who only wants the fishermans death, and then Aladdin gets a nice genie who grants him his 3 wishes. When they found the Genies neither knew what the outcome of it would be. Aladdin is sent inside a cave to find the lamp for Jafar. But after they realized it was a trap, abu took the lamp from Jafar and they got to see what was in it when…show more content…
The fisherman went fishing every day but only casted his net 4 times. The first time he caught a vessel of sand, then a dead donkey, a bag of bones, and then a lamp on his fourth cast. When he opens it out comes a Jinnee that reaches the clouds, has sharp jagged teeth, so scary that the fisherman is shakey in the knees. The Jinnee follows with the statement that he will not get 3 wishes instead he will get to choose his death. The Jinnee says this because he’s been locked in there for so long that he told himself that whoever lets him out is going to die. The fishermen begged for him to have mercy on him, and said “kill me and allah shall kill you.” but the Jinnee wasn’t budging. So the fisherman tricked the Jinnee by saying basically “Since you are going to take my life it’s fair I ask you a favor. Show me you can fit into that lamp, because I don’t believe it.” The Jinnee showed him he could fit in the lamp and then the fisherman didn’t let him out because the Jinnee had no mercy on him, and told him he was going to throw him back in ocean, and guard it so no one lets him out again. The fishermen told him a few stories about how Allah will always show you, you get what you give. I’m sure the fishermen never expected to find a jinnee in the first place but especially not one so

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