Huck Finn Freedom Analysis

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Freedom is the major conflict in this story. Freedom has been one of the biggest problems in the world forever. There has always been problems with freedom in the world, America is the most free country in the whole world, but even with that, there are still problems with freedom. Freedom plays a very big part in this story, if freedom wasn’t in this story, there would be no story. There are a few characters in this story that are on a search for freedom for many different reasons. Huck wants to be free from society and civilization. Jim, a slave from St. Petersburgh, wants to be free from slavery because he is being sold far away. Jim eventually wants to be with his daughter. In this story, they both face the problem of freedom and they fight…show more content…
After all, Jim is doing the same thing he is, so he must know how he feels. Jim wouldn’t try to ruin Huck’s attempt at freedom, so why would Huck? If Huck were to turn them in, he might be recognized and be returned to Miss Watson. He never mentions that in the book but i think that is one of the reasons he never turned Jim in. I think running away was good for Huck, you can tell his attitude changes throughout the book from when he was civilized to when he was free. I’m not sure if huck felt completely free for a while, always being on the run would be worse than being civilized i think. Having to travel at night and always avoid people would get really…show more content…
I’m not exactly sure why Huck took Jim with him, but i feel like Huck wouldn’t have made it to freedom if it wasn’t for Jim’s help. They stay together and run away for freedom. We know running is very important to jim as he talks about his daughter and how much she meant to him, which is very weird because most slaves weren’t supposed to be with their children. This is very important because it shows how important freedom is to Jim. From Jim talking about that, we know that he is a very good man. He runs away so eventually when he is free, he can be with his

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