Spirometry Lab Report Results

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INTRODUCTION The purpose of this respiratory experiment is to measure lung function with the help of a spirometer. A spirometer is an instrument that has a measuring scale attached to it along with a long tube that is used to measure air volume while exhaling. Spirometry testing helps aid in detection of improper lung function and can lead to the diagnosis of various respiratory diseases. In the article, by Schermer, Van Weel, Poels, and Claverley, Spirometry can test for diagnosis of diseases. Previous background information provided research that tied Spirometry in children to early diagnosis of respiratory diseases (2006 p.7574). An article, written by Monica McCullough, is about a young girl, Joanne, who is showing signs of having a respiratory…show more content…
Get a partner. While one partner times one minute with the timer, the other partner should count how many breaths they have in one minute. Record this number. 2. Next, it is important to familiarize yourself with the spirometer. 3. Take the cardboard mouth piece and attach it to the tube of the spirometer. 4. The same partner who counted their breaths will be the one to blow into the spirometer while the second partner records the data. 5. One partner needs to test and practice using the spirometer by taking a breath and exhaling through the mouth and not the nose. 6. It’s important to make sure the scale on the spirometer is to be set at zero before each trial. 7. While the person who is using the spirometer, it’s key to remember that they need to stand in an upright position. 8. As one partner is blowing into the tube, the other partner will record the volume for each of the three trials in a table. The four categories that are being measured are tidal volume, expiratory reserve, vital capacity and inspiratory reserve. Tidal volume, expiratory reserve, and vital capacity are all found by using the spirometer. Inspiratory reserve is found by adding the totals for tidal volume and expiratory reserve, then subtracting that amount from vital

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