Sphynx Research Paper

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The Sphynx originated from Egypt and had actually come to Canada. It was known to be a genetic mutation, but after some time, like the similar breed Devon Rex, the Sphynx was then loved by many. From Paris, to Morocco, to even Australia, the hairless cat breed has been modified and bred for many years all over the world. Although this breed has been around since the 1900’s, just recently, in 2002 did the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), accept the Sphynx to start competing in the championship class. Appearance As kittens, their skin may be a little more wrinkled until they grow into their skin. But once full-grown these beautiful cats are smooth and some may even have a little peach-fuzz. Wrinkles may only appear around the muzzle, ears and shoulders. Their very large ears and lemon-shaped eyes make them very unique from the hairless cat group. They have very broad chest with long muscular legs, front limbs being shorter than their hind limbs. They have very distinctive foot pads. They are very thick, making them feel as if they are walking on cushions. These cats also do not usually have whiskers, but if they do they are very small and barely visible. Adults can weigh anywhere from 6-12lbs and grow as tall as 25 cm. Females are also generally smaller than males.…show more content…
Whether it’s with other cats or with their owners. They crave attention and love to stay close to another body to keep warm. They are very intelligent cats and surprisingly cooperative with being handled. Overall, they are sweet-tempered and very easy

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