Song Comparison Between 'Come And Get Your Love'

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One of my favorite movies of the year 2014 was “Guardians of the Galaxy.” It wasn’t only a great action movie; it also had a great soundtrack. Within the first minutes of the movie, we are introduced to the main character Peter Quill a.k.a. “Star-Lord” as a grown up, as he dances and lip sing’s to the 1974’s top 5 hit song “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone around a desolated planet. “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone was released in 1973, and hit Billboard’s top 100 chart at # 4 in 1974. Redbone was a rock band created in 1969 by the brothers Patrick Morales Vasquez and Candido Albelando Vasquez, who were mostly known as Pat and Lolly Vegas, they had Mexican and Native Americans heritage. Tony Bellamy joined them on the guitar and Pete…show more content…
The song is clearly about love, after listening to the song a couple of times I got to the conclusion that the song may be about a lost love. The more I listened to the song, the more I could think about how the author seemed confused, yet oblivious to the fact that his feelings were not shared by his loved one. It would make sense that the song is about a love that had Lolly confused because in an interview Pat Vegas says that Lolly Vegas called at 3 A.M. telling him to come over and listen to the song (Schilling). Let’s be honest, if you are writing and 11 min song at 3 A.M. about love, you most not be able to sleep, you are overthinking and definitively confused. Yet again, I may be wrong since this is just an assumption, but if I am right this song about unrequited…show more content…
In this theory Cameron Logan, explains how he thinks that “The Orb is singing 'Come and Get Your Love' to Peter.” Cameron reminds us that Peter Quill begins to listen 'Come and Get Your Love' when he is about to get the orb. Cameron feels that it's no a coincidence that the song's main hook is "come and get" while Peter is "coming to get" the orb. Yet, he feels that the most interesting part is how the orb eventually leads Peter to "love". Because if it wasn't for the orb Peter would have never met Gamora, Drax, Rocket, or Groot. Therefore, according to Cameron Logan the orb is responsible for Peter finally finds a family; finds love. After reading that theory, I was mind blown and I if it is right, this could relate to the meaning I believe the song has which is an unrequited love, since at the beginning of the movie Peter Quill is unknowingly looking for this love the lost love of a family or a place where he actually

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