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The book I am reviewing is Someone Named Eva by Joan M. Wolf. This book is about a Czech girl, who has ideal looks and physical features for the Aryan race and gets put into a center where they try to turn her into a Nazi strong women. She has to remember who she is and what she stands for. The narrator is Milada who the Nazis named her Eva, she is the protagonist. This story takes place in WWII in Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Germany. In this book, conflict is abundant, but varied also. One and arguably the largest is person vs. self, because of Milada’s (Eva) big struggle to remember herself and her dignity. Another is person vs. society because Milada hates the Nazi way but has to obey to survive. Last is person vs. person because Ruzha,…show more content…
She is a girl who is very loving, warm hearted, and loves the people back home in Czechoslovakia. She becomes distant from her Nazi surroundings. One important interaction was when she was in the center to learning to be a Nazi girl her and her one friend Liesel went outside during nighttime and went to a old Catholic Church and told about who they really are. One thing that is spoken words that her …”Milada. Remember where you are from, always.” She cherished this and this ran through her mind constantly. This is what kept her herself. One great line from this great book is, “No one ventured far from their blanket and assigned spot.” This passage is so great, because it shows when the whole town was in custody their level of fear of the Nazi was so great. I think one way she changes is she is more settle and less naive because what has happened to her. I like this character, because she is resilient. It is when they inspected her to see if she fits the race, for she gets very scared. This leads to her going to the center, getting a family, and eventually coming back home. The greatest point of tension is when she is in the bomb shelter with her New Germany family. This was very emotional for all of them because Papa

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