Sociopaths In Rebecca

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There, up high on her throne, manipulating them as game pieces on a chessboard. Their fate will be decided by her; their lives are used to advance her purposes. Before the victim is trapped, they are charmed by the seemingly heartless fiend. Then, at that point without knowing, they are deluded into being her follower. In the novel Rebecca, the late Mrs. de Winter, or Rebecca, had shown some qualities that could classify her as a sociopath. Throughout the novel, there are small clues that whisper the truth; they are revealed to have been hinting at Rebecca’s true nature. Rebecca shows essential characteristics that expose her sociopathic disposition, such as, being manipulative and lacking the ability to feel remorse. Rebecca’s composition…show more content…
Rebecca had threatened Ben one night when he looks in the cottage window, “ If I catch you looking at me through the windows here I’ll have you put in the asylum,’ she said. ‘You wouldn’t like that, would you? They’re cruel to people in the asylum,’ she said. ‘I won’t say nothing, Ma’am,’ I said” (Pg. 154). Rebecca had threatened Ben knowing no one would believe him. So, she would threaten him, not feeling sinful or caring about how scared and confused he might have felt. She said, “You were born into this world to take what you could out of it,’ and she did, she didn’t care, she wasn’t afraid” (Pg. 243). Mrs. Danvers said that Rebecca didn’t care. She took what she could out of the world without caring what she was doing or whom it may be affecting. Mrs. Danvers also said, “I remember her at sixteen getting up on one of her father’s horses, big brute of an animal too, that the groom said was too hot for her to ride. She stuck to him, all right. I can see her now, with her hair flying out behind her, slashing at him, drawing blood, digging the spurs into his side, and when she got off his back he was trembling all over, full of froth and blood. ‘That will teach him, won’t it, Danny?’” (Pg. 244). Rebecca had cruelly rode the poor horse until it was covered by its own blood. Afterwards she said to Danny without a hint of remorse, “‘That will

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