Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Passage Analysis

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Reading Response #1 In the story Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the journey that Gawain takes explains the experiences Gawain went through that reflects the same experiences a Christian soul may go through as well. Along the journey from Arthur’s court, Bertilak’s castle, and the Green Chapel, Gawain faces pride of self, temptation, sin, repentance, and finally salvation. At the beginning of Gawain’s journey, which started at Arthur’s court, Gawain relies on his pride alone without Gods help when faced by the Green Knight and his “game”. Gawain when asking King Arthur to choose him shows a since of boastfulness when he states that he is one of the weakest warriors and would be missed the least shows just how highly he thinks of himself. Also pride is shown when Gawain and the Green Knight go over the terms of the game multiple times because the Green Knight already knows that Gawain won’t live up to his word because this game not only tests Gawain’s bravery but his honesty and integrity as well.…show more content…
Lady Bertilak tempted Gawain three different times while Bertilak was out of the castle hunting. Each time Lady Bertilak entered Gawain’s room it matched the animal Bertilak was hunting that day. In a way it was like Gawain was being hunted down in order to give in to the temptation. Although every time Lady Bertilak tried Gawain resisted, until the last try when Lady Bertilak offers him a gift, the Girdle, which represented sin. Instead of Gawain relying on God to help him go against the Green Knight, he seeks another power, which lies in the girdle. When Gawain is left with the girdle he hides it away from Bertilak and takes it with him as he left Bertilak’s castle and traveled to the Green

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