Sir Gawain And Green Knight Literary Analysis

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Sir Gawain and Green Knight is a fiction written in medieval, which will lead the readers’ experience compounded of pleasure, excitement, edification, amusement and occasional bewilderment. As James R. Kreuzer believes, “Sir Gawain is the product of a society and a way of life vastly different from our own.” The literature is the symbol of culture and society; it reflects what the people think about in the age. Sir Gawain and Green Knight have included many elements, which are famous in the fiction in that age. Sir Gawain is a typically character in that age; his story includes the duel, the quest, the long travel, the chivalry, and most importantly, the courtly love. The love story is one of the eternal topics of literature. Love is one of…show more content…
As Laneventhal said, “The lady initiates this progression by furnishing him with the societally valued love and wealth.” In the beginning Lanval is not a dressed nice knight with reputation and accompany, he is a sad knight looking for his way of life, what Fairy lady has done is to change and initiate him to the man of the romance story by giving him money and what he want. But making him “generous and courtly”, they fall in the love with courtly. In their relation, Lanval is loyalty and do as a knight should do. The chivalry of Lanval and the love has helped Lanval from the love of queen. As the text from De France“I have shown you much honor, I have cherished you, and loved you…. Just tell me you desire.” He refused the love from queen, he insist and keep silence even it threaten his honor and life. In the end the lady showed up even she is not supposed to expose too much to people and saved Lanval. This story has the entire element what a knight should do in a relationship of courtly love. Except the lady is so powerful that do not need any save from the
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