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Nayeli Ordonez MSW 514 Case Study Response Paper #1 The case of Simone seems to be a challenging case given that Simone struggled with exploring her feelings and talking about certain topics that were essential in exploring important underlying issues. In addition, during the beginning of treatment, Simone did not appear fully committed to treatment as there were periods in which she was defensive and refused the therapist’s attempts to look for deeper meanings, as well as often raised the possibility of terminating services. Furthermore, the variety of issues that Simone was struggling with illustrate the complexity of this case. For example, her moderate problem with bulimia, feelings of emptiness, inability to form long-term relationships with others, distant and complicated relationship with her father, and her fear of becoming too dependent on others, which then affected her relationship with others. The therapist made an important…show more content…
For instance, I feel there is an over-emphasis on sexual drive. In this case study, the therapist was quick to express she felt there was a semi-incestuous quality to Simone’s relationship with her father. This was simply based on the therapist’s interpretation of how Simone spoke about her father, but Simone never made statements to make such conclusion. When Simone expressed how at times she felt a type of disgusting energy coming from her, which caused her to push people away, the therapist speculated that there may have been some type of sexual boundary violation in Simone’s childhood. Even though the feeling of being disgusting is fairly common among sexually abused children, I think there are other factors that should be taken into consideration. Likewise, the role of environmental and/or cultural factors are overlooked as psychodynamic seems to place too much emphasis on the psychological

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