Similarities Between Postpartum Depression And Baby Blues

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When a mother has had a baby, she might go through two conditions called “postpartum depression” and “baby blues.” According to the Mayo Clinic staff, postpartum depression is when a mother has recently given birth to her baby, it can set off her emotions, and she goes through several emotions like; fear, anxiety, excitement, joy, and even depression. Postpartum depression may last up to months or even longer. Baby blues happens after new mothers have had their baby, they experience mood swings and also experience a lot of crying. Baby blues last for a few days up to week or two. Even though they both sound similar, they are two different conditions and have different symptoms. Postpartum depression is more severe and should be treated, while baby blues is much less severe, and goes away shortly and doesn’t need to be treated. When a mother is going through postpartum depression, she experiences loss of sleep and appetite, lack of interest in anything, not wanting to be with family and friends, and having attachment with her baby becomes difficult. However when a mother goes through baby blues, she experiences things like crying, sadness, having a short-temper, and loss of focus.…show more content…
The type of symptoms the mother goes through when she has this condition is harming her or her baby, delusion, being delirious, and being confused and feeling lost. The difference between postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis is that postpartum psychosis happens the first two weeks after the mother has had her baby, while postpartum depressions can last for months and even longer. Postpartum psychosis is very rare, while postpartum depression is more

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