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Our sympathy for Silas Marner grows as we read the novel. As a character he is initally presented as a cold, reclusive miser; however, the transforming love of Eppie also changes our perception of him, and we grow in sympathy and admiration of him. Firstly, we feel sympathy for Silas when Eliot describes his physical appearance. When Eliot writes that Silas has a ‘Pale face’, she makes him sound old, unhealthy and vulnerable, almost as though the gold is consuming him. This makes us feel sympathy for Silas as it is as if he has no control over himself and the gold is weakening him physically and mentally. Eliot also writes that he has ‘strange straining eyes’. The alliteration here emphasises his poor physical appearance and makes him seem…show more content…
The phrase ‘I’ve come to love her as myself’ is a striking image as this shows how Silas has become a more sympathetic character and how he has transformed into a more selfless character. The use of the words ‘as myself’ reinforce this, showing that he also no longer loves his gold than people. A similar sentiment is expressed in the phrase, ‘Silas would rather part with his life than with Eppie’ This creates a strong image of the bond which he shares with Eppie. The fact that Silas ‘would rather part with his life’ is particularly powerful as this again shows how Silas has become a far more compassionate person. Another way in which Silas has become a more sympathetic character is that he has become far more sociable that he was before he had Eppie. Before Eppie, Silas was greeted with ‘curiosity and repulsion’. The word ‘repulsion’ is a particular strong word, highlighting the disgust that is felt towards him. However after Eppie she ‘links him once more with the whole world’. The words ‘whole world’ are dramatic and wide-ranging, and emphasise that as Silas has become a more sympathetic character, he has become more accepted into the community, Eppie has acted as a link for him to become more sociable. Finally, when Eliot describes Silas as having a ‘tender love’ and ‘inseparable companionship’ with Eppie this is yet another way in which we can see him become more sympathetic by growing to love Eppie and leaving the days where he craved gold behind him. The word ‘tender’ in particular reveals a more feminine, compassionate side to him. This portrays him as a more warm-hearted, affectionate

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