Should Soda Be Banned In New York City

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Stop the New York Health Department Is banning soda all over New York a good idea? No all people in New York have a right to still be able to have soda in their life. Why? Because you never know why that person drink soda. Or if soda helps them in some way. For Mayor Michael Bloomberg to come out and ban soda for the people, pretty sure they are not having it. I absolute don’t agree with this because soda was made for the people can’t come out just taking it from them. Next, soda might make people gain weight but then again people might doubtful that, positive think that the people of New York City know what they’re doing to their body, where they are drinking Sprite, Dr. Pepper Etc. Some soda you will gain no fat but for example, there will be 51g of sugar in that bottle of sprite but no fat. Parents and students need that extra 20 min are longer sugar ruse in there system to awaken them.…show more content…
Sixto Caro even said “ I am skeptical” (Rand 3 ) he’s skeptical because he’s not even sure if he wants to go along with this banning. It will be a fast rush meaning a really huge step. They also, want to stop selling the jumbo sizes but my point is that the Mayor Michael Bloomberg is going around banning soda but he’s keeping alcohol in stores. Which it should be the other way around alcohol banned and NOT soda. Not only that soda can be better than alcohol who say’s this the 6,000 people who voted that soda should not be banned. People drink alcohol and drive and causes car crashes as you can have a nice soda and won’t have to worry about

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