Should Historians Consider The Neolithic Revolution Bring Inequality?

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Should historians consider the Neolithic Revolution “revolutionary” if it brought inequality? Historians should consider the Neolithic Revolution revolutionary because while there is a certain amount of advancement in every single stage of history, the Neolithic Revolution was a fundamental shift in how humans operated that radically altered society. The Neolithic Revolution was the development of new technologies, such as planting crops and domesticating animals. It all started when hunter-gatherers learned that planting seeds would produce plants, some in which they could consume. It allowed the nomadic, traveling in search of food, way of life to progress into a society in which one could settle. Instead of constantly searching for food and worrying about survival, the early humans could now focus on the future. This step in the agricultural way of life provided early humans with a secure, stable source of food. It allowed these early humans to provide enough food for a population, which led to the rise of civilizations.…show more content…
Early humans used farming as a way harvesting crops and producing food. Another advancement they made during the Neolithic Revolution was domesticating animals. They used these animals for things like farming, milk, leather, wool, and breeding. Each and everyday, these humans were working towards more advancements. They worked on the farms year round. They manipulated and shaped nature to their benefit. As early humans advanced and got familiar with this new way of life, it led to settlement. Before this period, nomads were constantly on the hunt for animals. Something as simple as a climate change or migration could ruin the food income and survival for a family. The Neolithic Revolution brought security to these families. With a constant food source, they could settle down and begin to develop

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