Should Colleges In America Use Pass Or Fail Scale?

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Should colleges in America use the grade scale or a pass-fail scale? Grades can be an important aspect for a student in college. Grades do not impact a student intelligent knowledge or even accomplishment. Grades are particular things used by society to calculate what the student is capable of doing in education. Grades are more important than people think because they can get student into advance in education. Although, grades are important, implementing the usage of the grade scale or a pass-fail scale can be a controversial topic. It is necessary for the students wishing to intellectually advance beyond their childhood. It also plays a significant role among students enrolled in college in America. The pass or fail scale is superior to the grade scale in colleges because it provides freedom in college education. Colleges in America should use the pass or fail scale because it can be a great option if the student’s needs to focus on other things. Also, the pass or fail option in colleges can be a great option if the student is taking a hard course or spending days in an important internship. The New York Times said, “Each year about 100 students take part in the honors…show more content…
College students would rather focus in college rather than putting focus to what learning is about. According to Everyday Life it states, “While many people think this decision decreases stress on students and helps them focus on learning the material rather than getting a grade” (Morgan). The pass and fail grading system in college can give the student the knowledge in learning his or her interest or skills rather than focusing in their academic progress. For instance, if the student decides to take the class he or she does not have to worry about it whatsoever. Therefore, the pass or fail scale should be use in colleges because it will implement education rather than a numerical

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