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Review of Literature Gingiva Macroanatomy: The gingiva is that portion of the oral mucosa that covers tooth brearing part of alveolar bone and the cervical neck of the tooth .The Gingiva is Traditionally divided into three zones : the free or marginal zone, which circles the tooth and the free gingiva ; the gingival sulcus as the space between the tooth and the free gingiva; the attached zone, which is joined to the tooth by a unique junctional epithelium and is firmly attached to the underlying alveolar bone; and the interdental zone, which occupies the space between two adjacent teeth apical to the contact area. The free gingiva often is separated from the adjacent attached gingiva by a minute intervening groove called the free gingival groove, which runs parallel and slightly apical to the free gingival margin(11) The gingiva develops as a coalescence of oral and enamel organ epithelia As the tooth emerges into the oral cavity, the reduced enamel organ epithelium . With further tooth eruption, the reduced enamel eqithelium separates from the primary cuticle on the surface of the enamel . The rsulting cuff of epithelium and connective tissue surrounding the neck of the tooth becomes the gingiva . The reduced enamel organ epithelium continues its apical separation along the enamel surface until the tooth reches occlusion…show more content…
./1 apparatus. Transseptal, circular, semi-circular, transgiligival, and intergingival fibers connect and link the adjacent teeth of one arch. These fibers secure the teeth against rotation and maintain tooth linkage during mesial drift. Gingival connective tissue contains collagen types I, III, IV, V, VI, and VII. Types I and III form the major collagen fibers, which occupy approximately 60°/0 of the extracellular space. Type III fibers are abundant beneath the epithelium and around blood vessels

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