Short Story: Santa Rama Rau

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Santa Rama Rau was an Indian. She was born to a wealthy Indian family she spent more of her life abroad than in India her parents sent him to England while he was young. His father is a Deputy High Commissioner for India. In England, her mother had kept her and her sister familiar with Hindustani by speaking it to them when they were home for vacations and by teaching them Indian songs. During their first weeks in Bombay, both the two could understand the language but still they are still out of practice to try speaking it. She and her grandmother spoke different languages to each other because her grandmother cannot speak English at all but they got along very easily in spite of it. In her few days of staying with her grandmother she found out that she was trying to instill in her something of the traditional Hindu girls’ attitude to the household, family and living in general. There were problem that came up during their stay in her grandmother because of the different customs and traditions of her native land as depicted in her…show more content…
Their family moved from the south to Bombay. Her grandmother found that her sons showed a regrettable tendency to wander off to what she considered the less civilized parts of the world. One of them married a Viennese, a beautiful but foreigner girl. Her grandmother found that she had no control over her sons whom to married and over the education of her grandchildren but there were no traces of evidence in the way that her standards were vanishing. Her continued autocracy was on the examination of the mail received by anybody living in the house. She used to censor and sometimes entirely remove letters from people of whom she did not approve. She questions where the letter came, was it from a man? Did my mother know their families? She would say in my opinion you should not reply to that

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