Short Story Of Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

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The story is centered around a british teenager named Alex Rider. His parents are dead so he lives with his uncle, Ian Rider. One day Alex receives news that his uncle had been killed in a car accident, Devastated, Alex goes to the junkyard to see his uncle’s car. When he gets there he sees something peculiar, the car did not look like it had been in an accident; it looked like it had been shot at. he knew this because of the large bullet holes on the windshield. He thought it was weird because his uncle was a banker and someone was trying to shoot at him with actual bullets. His curiosity and suspicion led him to go to the bank the next day and investigate even more. He tried to sneak into Ian’s office but was stopped by the head of the bank,…show more content…
blunt said that they needed Alex’s help. At the time of his death, Ian was trailing Herod Sayle, a tech mogul set to release a revolutionary new computer called the Stormbreaker. Sayle has promised to donate one Stormbreaker to every school in England, but MI6 has been suspicious about Sayle for some time. They needed Alex to act as a contest winner so he could got to Sayle enterprises to investigate more and get to the bottom of things (Alex was not allowed to decline). They put Alex through a two week training program and then sent him off. That is where the first third of the book ends. This connects to my life because my English teacher in 8th grade once told us that she was part of the CIA American intelligence for almost 9 years. She told us that she did not have a choice to join which is comparable to Alex in his situation. When Alex’s uncle died Alex thought to himself “What saddened him the most was the realization—too late now—that despite everything, he had hardly known his uncle at all” (1.14). This connects to my life because one of my family members died due to a brain issue and i was only 6 so I never knew him which is something that I regret…show more content…
His whole future looked so uncertain that he preferred not to talk about it” (1.33). This book became hard to put down after I found out that Ian had a secret life of being a spy and that Alex was about to be assigned to finish the job that killed his uncle. Compared to other books that I have read before Stormbreaker is decent. I like it because it is a good action novel with a great plot that can really pull readers in. The things that I dislike about the book are that the plot seems a bit too overrated because I have read plenty similar books about a kid who has to take over his family business due to an accidental death. I feel like the rest of the book might make me take back my words, but as of now it seems like a normal book about a spy. I predict that Sayle has done something to the computers or he is planning to do something bad because when Mr. Blunt says “The government may think he's a saint, but there's a ruthless side to him too. And the security arrangements down at Port Tallon worry us. He's more or less formed his own private army.”

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