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The short story by James Carter, takes place in the Northern Ireland, were we are going to follow Annie, who is the daughter to dead father. Some day after Annie’s fathers funereal, are Annie visited by her father’s ghost, which occurs several times through the story, but why does Annie’s father make some sudden appearing? This is the basic element of the essay, with a special focus on the composition of the story and on the use of supernatural elements. The main theme of the story is difficult to describe, the theme is actually family relationship, and even though most of her family is dead, they are still among her, there could the theme also be, life after death. The overall main character of the short story is Annie a member off the family. However, because all the tragedy that happened for the family, she is the only living member of her deceased family. In the past, Annie had to parents and a younger brother who was seventeen…show more content…
The second time she saw her father, it is early after that it continues whit several visits until one night at the Opera house, it was the last time Annie saw his father in the story as well. The story starts in medias res, the first thing we are reading, is when her father’s ghost visits Annie for the first time. The story I told by a first person narrator by chrono logical order, but the story also contains several flashbacks back, it happens when Annie talks about the way her parents and her brother past away. Through the history, we following Annie all the way. The plot of the story is difficult to understand and doesn’t make any sense. In the text, we meet the father several times, the first time is in the bathroom the second time in the train, but mean time the reader does not know anything that has happened, therefore the will be must interpret the text in its own way, for understanding the

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