Sheryl Green's Place In The Classroom

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Before my sophomore year, soccer was never even a thought on my mind and college was a long shot away. I never thought I had the skills to do be able to play such a complex sport, but a very unique, helpful, and trust-worthy coach proved me wrong. I remember my first day on the field, the freshly cut grass was tickling my ankles as I listened to my soon to be coach, Sheryl Green, strictly explain what she expected of her team. My first thoughts were that she is serious, and she had a way of making you feel welcome with just her presence. After her explanation, she split us into groups and we started warming up, just some simple drills, nothing but a little bit of concentration and footwork, but Green made everyone out on that field feel like superstars with just her comments. She was saying such motivational things such as “Great job Cecilia!” or “Keep up the good work Jacinda!”, and it made me feel like I knew what I was doing, even when I did not. This is also what it is like to be in the classroom with her. Green is always pushing her students, and her players to be better and do better than what they believe they can do.…show more content…
Coach Green. When others see disaster, she sees hope. She believes that everyone can grow and Green sends positive messages while teaching life lessons. As a teacher, she is an inspiration to her students. She helps her students see greater potential in themselves that they did not know they had, and she helps them see the potential outside of the classroom. She is one of those teachers who would stay after school all night, just to insure that a student is grasping the material she is teaching. She is always motivating her students to ask questions because most of the time, she has the answers. She is encouraging both in the classroom and on the

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