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America had just got out of the revolutionary war against the British, and about 3 years, in 1786 protests and riots break out. The rebellion, known as Shay’s Rebellion started in Massachusetts, soon spreading to other states. The rebellion was caused by the government unfairly taxing mostly farmers, most of the farmers at that time were unable to vote which meant they were not able to influence and/or change the government. The rebellion, lead by Daniel Shay, had about 1,500 men whom of mostly were farmers. The farmers had felt as if they shouldn’t just be taxed that everyone should be taxed fairly and equally. However, the government was in such a deep debt to other countries and their own civilians they felt that it did not matter where the money…show more content…
Since the country was brand new, they had no real army to stop the rebels, which lead to businesses having to hire their own private militias. Most rebels were arrested and sent to court, very few were seriously injured or killed. Having private militias became very expensive, so in the end of 1786 the Congress requested that each and every state pay to start the national army, only Virginia had paid. Since the money was not enough to pay for a national army, the need for the private militia’s went on, even though the Congress had voted on a national army. At this point in the rebellion during 1787, it was divided amongst three leaders, Daniel Shays, Luke Day, and Eli Parsons which had an almost equal amount of men, but they didn’t communicate well. The rebellion was mostly located in Springfield. A reward for each man of 150 pounds was posted and signed by Ben Franklin. During the end of winter during 1788 the rebellion was destroyed by Brigadier John Ashley and General Lincoln. Almost all of the rebels were forced to sign confessions, but the biggest leaders were arrested and sentenced to death. But most of the

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